Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Doting sister

Did I tell you about my awesome sister? Though she is just two years elder to me she takes good care of me. She kisses me and likes it when I touch her face. I love having her around. She makes funny faces when I am happy and is worried when I cry. Now that I stole mom's attention from her, she is quite understanding and lets mom have free time and plays with her toys.

Dad gives more time to her too but I am okay. I will take my revenge by playing with all her toys. We are still bonding and will be doing that for life. We will be the sisters that will make others jealous :) I love you akka.

Wrap song

Dad makes up these songs to lull me to sleep. He also tries to amuse me when doing chores around me like changing my diaper. This song came up when wrapping me up in a burrito wrap. Try singing it to the obvious tune.

We will we will wrap you.
We will we will wrap you.
Don't just kick don't move your arms
You got to rest and rest well
We will we will wrap you.

We will we will wrap you.
We will we will wrap you.
You just had milk
You got to digest
You need to rest, so
We will we will wrap you.

Don't smile at me
Not even at the fan
Don't cutely cry and win me over
We will we will wrap you.

I will hold you
Rock in my arms
Hold you close to my heart
Now that you burped sleep and rest well
We will we will wrap you.

I love you so much
You are my sweet angel
Go play with angels
Have sweet dreams
We will we will wrap you.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Shots and more

Though it looks pleasant like a toy, this isn't one. This is the list of shots I am scheduled to get in the next few months and years. Damn. So many. I don't accept this. Dad tells me he will get me the painless ones and be with me every time, I still don't like it. Some of them which can be skipped we will skip. Still they are just too many. What to do?

What are your thoughts about vaccination? Do you think they will help you? Or do you think some of them can be skipped? Let me know so I can convince dad.

Shot and courage

I am told the world is full of viruses that want to hurt me. So as soon as I entered into this world my parents were forced to give me some shots and man those are painful. This lady, I am told, is a doctor and is a professional and knows how to give a shot. I was supposed to et three shots and when she wished me as I entered the room, I have a her a nice look and told her to be careful.

Three shots man! What are they supposed to do? I don't really know. But dad has approved it seems. I trust him. So when he requested me to allow his lady to give shots to me, I put up a race face and agreed. See they aren't even holding me tightly? I let them give me those shots and didn't even let a tear roll down. I was brave. Dad said he was proud of me. The lady was impressed too :)

We called grand mum and got her to pray for me before I got my shots and once we finished dad called her again and told her how brave I was. My grandmum loves me and my sister a lot. I love her too. After all she gave me dad and he named me after her. It seems the courage runs in the family.

Did you get your shots? Share some pics and thoughts with me.

Good morning

Well. I have I agree I am a morning person. I am up early morning and am pestering dad to go to the terrace to score some nice vitamin D. All including you would new this vitamin to help digest food better and also to prevent jaundice. I am not actually scared or looking at the sun as the weather is pleasant and the sun is nice to me. As I start sweating we take turns to sweat it up and then come down or a break of milk and cereals.

I love the sun for he comes up to meet me everyday. Sometimes when I sleep away and dad is tired and we can't make it up to him, he still comes up. I like him. What about you? Do you want to come up to meet him too?

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pinky promise

Did it tell you I am twenty days old now? Mum is always worried about me. I have been trying to tell he she needn't be but you know how mums are. Dad thinks I am a calm and gentle baby. When I go on walks in the hall for burping with dad in the night when the whole world is sleeping I look for new stimuli like lights, fans and other objects. Tibia more peaceful with mum.

When with mum I am swaddled, left free, cleaned, fed, dressed, padded, covered with blankets, checked for sweat, poop, discomfort and what not!? Too many things to do as a mum and hence she is worried all the time. So this is a promise to her the other day when I held her hand and slept off. Don't worry mum, granny and aunty are taking good care of me. You just rest and get well soon. Akka is being my best friend and she loves me so much. Dad is there too. So rest well.

Daddy daughter time

Everyday in the morning, at the break of the sun, dad and I go up to our terrace to drink in the morning sunlight. It seems I would benefit if I see the sun and if the sun sees me. In these sunlight sessions, dad tells me so many stories and speaks to me as if I understand. I do sometimes. Once in a while I respond to dad and tell him it's okay and he needn't worry about me.

Sometimes I hold his hand and assure him of my support in his plans. I tell him I would be a good girl and rest when he is at work.

Will I be with him once I grow up? Don't know. May be I will. May be I won't but he is a sweet guy now. So don't worry dad I am on your team when mum fights with you :)